Spider Heart have been described best by one of their fans: "It makes me want to surf and break mailboxes at the same time!"

Based in Oakland, California and fronted by singer and guitarist May Black; Spider Heart are a four piece content on shredding up the rock rule book. Theirs is a sound akin to the fire and fury of Babes in Toyland... had Kat Bjelland recruited a soft vocal and driven nails into the band's bass amp.There's also a tinge of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to their instrumentation, giving away their stature on their local scene. Spider Heart is very much a west Coast band.

Taking inspiration from the likes of classic American punk and rock musicians like The Stooges, Patti Smith and The Cramps; they also note the more modern efforts of The Kills and The White Stripes as an influence.


Spider Heart - Under the Gun